Safety & Security

Riding MARTA is safe and easy so long as you stick to a few safety and security rules. Following these guidelines helps keep MARTA in top shape while making sure all of our riders stay safe. If you're planning to make MARTA part of your commute, make sure you read through the following rules.

Rail Safety

  • Stay behind the gray marker while waiting for the train.
  • Only enter the train after it comes to a complete stop, and allow current passengers to exit first.
  • Riders with wheelchairs or other mobility devices are first to board.
  • Don't try stopping the doors while they're closing — doing so will cause a delay for all riders.

Bus Safety

  • Wait to board the bus at the bus stop, and only get off at designated MARTA stops (except in cases of emergency).
  • Never run after a MARTA bus or attempt to board after the bus has left the stop. Our operators are not allowed to pick up passengers once they've left a stop.
  • Allow current riders to leave before you board.

Mobility Safety

  • As with our standard buses, wait at the designated pick-up spot for your ride.
  • Never stand behind a mobility van, and move back from the van if you're requesting a ramp or lift.
  • Passengers using mobility devices and wheelchairs should use lap belts to secure themselves during the ride.

Station Safety

  • On the escalator, hold the handrail and stay to the right if you choose to stand. Use the left side to move up the stairs.
  • On the elevators, let passengers closest to the door exit first.

MARTA Police and Rider Safety

MARTA Police patrol every bus, train station and parking lot — meaning there's always an officer nearby no matter how you're riding MARTA. Visit our MARTA Police FAQs page to learn more about how the MARTA Police Department works toward keeping riders safe and secure.

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