The More MARTA Atlanta program is the City’s largest transit investment in history. It is designed to increase transportation options as Atlanta continues to grow.

We’ve collected over 7,000 responses from the public for the More MARTA Atlanta survey. Thank you for your feedback! Now that the outreach and engagement period has ended, the program team, including program partners MARTA and the City of Atlanta, will complete an evaluation and analysis of comments received from the More MARTA Atlanta survey. This stakeholder feedback, along with other technical and performance analyses, will be used to provide the MARTA Board with a recommended program of projects to review and approve on October 4th. Once the projects are approved, the program team will begin prioritizing the projects, initiating project development, and preparing the funding plan. Community education will take place throughout the life of the program. Please check back to the webpage often for more updates.

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Grocery Stores | Medical Facilities | Schools


For more information, our project email is: or call 404-848-4135

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