February 10, 2023

MPD Achieves High Standards of State Law Enforcement Certification 

ATLANTA – The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Police Department (MPD) ensured MARTA remained a safe, secure system for another year, accomplishing a significant reduction in violent crimes in 2022, and maintaining a standard of excellence through achievement of state law enforcement certification. 

In 2022, MPD reported a 17 percent reduction in Part 1 crimes (violent and property crimes), and a 42 percent reduction in operator assaults. Enforcement of MARTA’s Ride With Respect Program resulted in over 5,000 temporary or yearlong system suspensions for violators and over 70 permanent bans.

“The most important responsibility we have as a transit agency and our number one priority is keeping our customers and employees safe,” said MARTA General Manager and CEO Collie Greenwood, “To see such a dramatic reduction in violence against our operators and a decline in overall crime on the system, along with the recent state certification is further proof that the MARTA Police Department is one of the top law enforcement agencies in the state.” 

With a focus on reversing attrition and holding regular career fairs, along with the implementation of an internship program through Georgia State University, MPD saw a reduction in its employee vacancy rate. Increased officer visibility on trains through a concentrated overtime patrol program cleared railcars of thousands of loiterers and sleepers and connected homeless individuals with resources through the MARTA Hope Program. 

“We were able to add to our dedicated team of sworn officers and Field Protective Specialists in the past year and that has allowed us to put more people in more places,” said MARTA Police Chief Scott Kreher. “From our uniformed, K-9, and more visible officers, to those in plain clothes or working undercover, rest assured, there is a MARTA police presence systemwide. I am proud of the women and men of the MARTA Police Department who continue to show their professionalism and dedication to duty by reducing crime, while also ensuring our employees and customers stay safe and feel safe.”

MPD also partners with fellow law enforcement agencies to provide additional officer visibility and security to the MARTA system and surrounding communities. MPD’s Central Precinct partnered with the Atlanta Police Department and Georgia State University law enforcement on a joint crime suppression detail. Last year, they responded to 2,864 calls and made 91 arrests. A similar detail consisting of MARTA and Atlanta bicycle officers patrolled the Lindbergh area and answered 1,338 calls for service and made 160 arrests.

MPD recently achieved state law enforcement certification, a complex process established to ensure agencies are held to the highest standards of ethics and safety and are compliant with the law and current policing procedures.



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