Bankhead Station Platform Extension

Current Status: Design. Scheduled for completion in 2027.


This a More MARTA Atlanta project in partnership with the City of Atlanta to renovate the existing Bankhead Station and extend the platform to accommodate eight cars instead of the current two cars (matching the capacity of the other 37 rail stations).

This location is also being considered for future Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). To learn more about TOD master planning for this location, visit

Project Renderings


Image description: This illustration shows what MARTA’s Bankhead Station will look like after it is renovated and the platform is extended. The existing station is shown in blue and the new extended platform, canopy and station entrance is shown in orange. 


Image description: This illustration shows the proposed new entrance plaza on the west side of MARTA’s Bankhead Station. The new extended platform and glass walls are in the background. In the foreground, people are entering and exiting the station. On the right, people are sitting on a new bench. 


Image description: This illustration shows the platform level of the proposed expansion of MARTA’s Bankhead Station. A MARTA train extends along the left side. People are standing on the platform waiting to board the train. An escalator descends in the middle of the platform. 

Project Features

  • Extension of the existing platform to accommodate eight rail cars rather than the current two rail cars
  • Public pedestrian plaza with enhanced entrances and exits for customers, pedestrians and motorists
  • New canopy on the platform
  • New elevator and escalator
  • Designed for integration with future Transit-Oriented Development


Public Meetings

Recording of 2022 Virtual Public Meeting

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Dwayne Johnson, MARTA Project Manager

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