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Thank you for visiting MARTA's new web based trip planning tool My Commute Trip Planner. This web based tool provides you with all the tools necessary to plan a trip using MARTA. It is designed so that in the near future it will also include Cobb Community Transit (CCT), Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) and Gwinnett County Transit (GCT).

My Commute Trip Planner allows you to build an itinerary by selecting start and end locations, travel dates and times. Additional features include schedule look up, walking directions, maps and next bus information. You will notice a feature that refers to bus stop numbers. Currently numbers are only found on the bus schedules within My Commute Trip Planner but there is a major project underway
to start labeling a number of physical bus stops with these numbers.

LOCATIONS, STOPS AND STOP NUMBERS: MyCommute uses the terms "LOCATIONS" and "STOPS". Locations are addresses or places. For example your home address may be a starting location, and your business address may be your destination location.Stops are designated bus and rail pickup/drop off places. For instance, your house location maybe near a bus stop or a train station (a rail stop). Finally, stops are numbered for ease of identification. Don't worry if you don't know your stop number, we can help you find a stop just by using an address by using the "Location" feature. Knowing your stop number helps to find the time the next bus arrives, via the "Next Bus/Rail" option on this website soon or, using our new phone-based information system.

We encourage and welcome feedback on your experience using My Commute Trip Planner. Please provide us with your comments so that we may constantly update and enhance this new resource for our website or soon, using our new phone-based information system.

MyCommute Feedback Form .

  • To plan a trip, select Plan Your Trip
  • To find a certain transit stop using the stop number, select Stops.
  • If you know the line and want information on the schedule, select Schedules
  • To find your location, select Locations.

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