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MARTA's Trip Planner will assist you in finding the most convenient and quickest transit route to your destination via our buses, trains or a combination of both. For HELP using Trip Planner, select a topic below for specific instructions.

Planning Your Trip


  • Enter your starting point in the "FROM" field. You may enter the stop number appearing on the actual bus stop, an address, intersection OR a landmark.
  • Enter your final destination in the "TO" field. Again, you may enter the stop number appearing on the actual bus stop, an address, intersection OR a landmark.

Tip: If you experience difficulty getting the computer to understand your address or intersection entered, try street suffixes (e.g. St., Ave., Pl) and/or directional indicators (i.e. N, S, E, W). You must omit unit numbers. If you do not know the name of the landmark you are seeking, select a category from the POPULAR LOCATIONS drop-down list, highlight the location and proceed.

  • Enter a date and time you want to DEPART from your location, OR time you want to ARRIVE at your destination in the ARRIVAL OR DEPARTURE INFORMATION fields using the drop-down menu provided.

Tip: Trip Planning assumes that your request is made for today and/or by a time close to the current time. Click on the calendar icon to change the date if you plan to travel beyond today's date (and if changing the date manually, use prescribed format of mm-dd-yyyy).

  • In the "SORT RESULTS" field, you may choose from the drop-down menu to optimize your itinerary search results by:
    • Trip Time - sorts itineraries by the shortest trip time
    • Walking Distance - sorts itineraries by the shortest walking distance
    • Number of Transfers - sorts itineraries by the fewest transfers

Click NEXT STEP to proceed to Step 2.


13401 Roswell Piedmont and PeachtreeGeorgia Aquarium
108 Lenox Rd.Briarcliff and North Druid HillsPhilips Arena
757 Marietta Marietta and LuckyCNN Center

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Each itinerary option displays the route(s) used, time of departure and arrival, total duration of the trip, the number of transfers required, and the approximate walking distance along with applicable fare. Some trips include a "transfer" where you stay on the same vehicle, meaning that during your trip one bus route turns into another bus route with little, if any, time between.

TRIP PLANNER STEP "3" - Itinerary Details
Trip Planner shows the details of your trip including destination signs, stops, departure/arrival information for each leg of your trip (printing option available for this page for reference). A map will show your departure point and destination including the path you will travel to your final destination. Tools are available to left of the map to customize your view.
Tip: Click on the BACK if you would like to view the Trip Planner options again. To plan your way back, click on RETURN TRIP. By doing so, this will reverse your departure point and destination and begin with Step 1 on the Trip Planner form and repeat Line By Line instructions listed above.

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Check Schedules

To look up a Train or Bus Schedule: Click on the appropriate link on the right-hand side of any Schedules page.

To look up a Bus or Shuttle schedule:

  • Enter your Route Number or select a route from the drop-down menu provided.
  • Adjust the date, if necessary, by clicking on the Calendar icon. If changing the date manually, be sure to use the prescribed format of mm-dd-yyyy.

Tip: Date selection is important as levels of service can differ from day to day. For example, a trip valid on a given Friday may not be available Monday to Thursday, or on a future Friday after a quarterly service change.

  • Click Search to continue to the next page.

  • Select the Direction using the radio buttons provided.
    • The 'Direction' refers to how the bus generally gets from its first stop to its last stop, as few bus routes travel entirely east, west, north or south. This means the 'Direction' does not necessarily refer to the way your particular bus stop is facing. For example, if you choose the 'Direction' of "East" for your Schedule, not every stop listed can actually be facing east.

  • Select the 'Time Range' using the drop-down menus. The default setting is from the current time until late tonight.

  • If you want your schedule to display times for every single stop the bus uses, Click "Show All Stops". If you prefer to see times only for certain stops, click "Select Stops".

  • If you have chosen to "Select Stops," you are now presented with a list of every single stop the bus uses. Check off one or more of these stops, then click "Get Schedule".
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Reading Schedules

Schedule information is displayed according to the selection made:

  • Show All Stops - displays times for all stops used by this route, in this direction.
  • Select Stops - displays ONLY those stops you selected.

The service you requested (i.e., MF for weekday, SAT for Saturday, or SUN for Sunday/Holiday) is displayed at the top of the page, as is the Date Range for which this schedule applies. The times displayed match the range selected on the previous page.

Tip: Timing points (exact scheduled times) are provided to maintain schedule accuracy. Stops between timing points are estimated based on normal service conditions. Stop information includes the stop number. Stop numbers are being introduced gradually, and will soon appear on all bus stops. You may also see the stop number in Trip Planning maps and in the Next Bus tool.

Wheelchair accessibility and Bike Rack availability depend on the vehicle being used as well as the stop accommodating this level of service. Therefore, icons indicating "accessibility" are displayed for:

  • Each Trip (for Wheelchair Accessibility and Bike Rack Availability)
  • Each Stop (for Wheelchair Accessibility only, as all stops are available for Bike Rack)
Please be sure to cross-reference these carefully if you require this level of service. If there is NO indicating icon for either the trip or stop in question, then this level of service is not available.

Note: Occasionally vehicles that normally provide wheelchair/bike rack service need to be replaced with vehicles not equipped for these services.

To view the complete schedule may require scrolling up/down and left/right. Because of this, your Stop and Trip information can become lost in the viewable region of your browser. By holding your mouse over any of the times, you will see a 'tool-tip' providing the Bus Stop location and the Destination sign shown on the front of the Bus.

Previewing a printout for each schedule using the "Print" options utility. Your schedule will automatically adjust itself to fit within your selected page width (Portrait or Landscape), and adjust to the number of required pages. If your browser is displaying "All Stops", the schedule you print will adjust automatically to display only the timing points for your route and direction.

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Next Bus

This tool simply finds times for the next few buses at your stop.

  • First, enter your Stop Number (see below for help with finding your stop number) and click on Search.

  • The next five buses to use your stop are now listed, including the estimated time and the Destination sign that appears on the front of the bus.

  • If you do not see the route you want among those listed for the next five trips, look below at the Complete Route Schedules list. Find the route number you desire, then click on its link. Results will display all of today's times for your route at that stop, from the beginning to the end of service.

  • Next Bus is available ONLY for the current date. It defaults to the current time, but you can change the time of day to provide Next Bus times later in the day. If you wish to adjust the Time, use the drop-down menus on the first page of Next Bus to set the desired time, then select from am, pm, or x using the drop-down menu. Once you have made note of your Stop Number, you can use it to find your Next Bus information quickly and easily using the Next Bus tool each time you visit the website.

  • Next, a customizable map, centered on your selected stop, appears at the bottom of the page.

Note: Stop numbers are being introduced gradually, and will soon appear on all bus stops. You may also see the stop numbers in the Schedules section or within the map when Planning a Trip.

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To determine your stop number enter one of the following:

  • An address, such as 13401, 108, or 757 Roswell OR
  • An intersection, such as Piedmont and Peachtree, or Briarcliff at North Druid Hills OR
  • A landmark, such as Georgia Aquarium

If the information you have entered can be interpreted in more than one way, a list of possible matches is returned when you try to proceed. Highlight the one you want and continue.

Sometimes, even when only a single possible match is found for what you have entered, you are still required to confirm it to search for the Stop Number you really want.

Note: Not every location in the Metro Atlanta area is included. If you are having difficulty getting the computer to recognize a specific location, please re-enter the location using the address or intersection.

Click Search to proceed to the next page.

A list appears of the stops closest to your requested location displays. You may click on Next Bus to find upcoming times for buses using those stops. Make note of the Stop Number so that on your next visit to the Website you can just type that number into Next Bus.

A customizable map centered on your selected location appears at the bottom of the page.

Please note that stop numbers are being introduced gradually, and will soon appear on all bus stops. You may also see the stop numbers in the Schedules section or within the map when Planning a Trip.

If you are still having problems, please contact Customer Information at 404-848-5000 to speak with an agent.

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Other Transit Agencies Information

MARTA 's Trip Planner currently covers the MARTA service areas. See our Regional Transit Providers listings for System Maps.

Other Helpful Maps:
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